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Benton Technical Services takes pride in our commitment to safety and training. Both employees and sub-contractors are required to attend monthly safety and training classes led by a management team member. A full truck and stock inspection is done at the end of class to verify that all appropriate safety gear, signage, traffic cones, and identification are on our vehicles at all times. The training topics vary from month-to-month depending on industry trends, issues in the field or requests from staff or customers. Benton has a Experience Modification Rate of .89, reflecting the attention to detail when it comes to employee safety. 

How Benton has responded to COVID-19:

As COVID-19 has forced many organizations to halt operations and work remotely, access to broadband technology has never been more important. As an essential part of the infrastructure workforce, Benton has taken necessary precautions to ensure a healthy and safe work environment including


– Installation of hand sanitizing stations in our warehouse offices

– Digital request forms for crews to remotely order materials for pick up at warehouse

– Access to high-visibility green cloth face coverings

– Access to personal sized portable hand sanitizers

United States Department of Labor OSHA Safety Regulations

Safety is of utmost importance and is taken very seriously. A full list of employee safety resources can be found here.

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