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About Our Projects:

Benton has had crews dispatched in over 30 states and three time zones in the United States, with more than 200 on-site employees throughout the county. Since 2021, our crews have built over 10,000 miles of fiber across our construction projects, installing more than 30,000 customers per year. We are always improving our skill sets and knowledge of industry standards to ensure the goals of our customers are met in full. Benton continues to grow and every year we help connect more families and communities to reliable fiber-optic broadband networks.


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Hitting ground first in October 2022 with underground construction, Benton's newest build is in partnership with Ocmulgee EMC. Aerial construction began in November 2022 and is off to a great start! The rate of new construction will be ramping up to 20 miles a week. We look forward to continuing the build.


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Having launched in January 2021, Benton took on multi-phase construction for Canadian Valley Electric's fiber network. We have built 120 miles of underground and 1,600 miles of aerial fiber in 18 months. We have complete both phase 1 and 2, currently working on phase 3. Benton was able to implement our new "all-in-one" installation process on this project which helped to improve their member's experience. We also handle ongoing plant maintenance as we continue the build.

Upstate New York

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In Upstate new York, Benton worked with Conexon and in partnership with Otsego Electric Cooperative, on an FTTH project encompassing both the outside plant construction, splicing, and drop installation of over 800 miles of designed plant. We successfully built over 745 miles of Aerial Fiber construction and splicing, along with 1,600 drops constructed in just over 24 months. We consistently remained ahead of project schedules and goals. 

Chicago, Illinois

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Benton completed up a multi-year, small-call site project in December 2018. The project consisted of 110 miles of aerial and underground fiber construction, site to site construction, splicing, and maintenance.


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In January 2021, Benton joined the Tombigbee Electric Power Association's fiber-optic network build. Benton was called in to bring the build's schedule back on track as it had fallen behind on schedule. In just 24 months, we constructed over 3,000 miles of FTTP plant. We continually stayed ahead of our predicted timeline, allowing us to close out the final phase of the Tombigbee member footprint an entire year early. We're currently working on Tombigbee's off system project and looking forward to wrapping up the project by the end of 2022.


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Benton is working with Conexon Connect and electric coops in the Mid West such as Mountain View Electric Association in Colorado, Sac Osage Electric Coop and Osage Valley Electric Co-op in Missouri, and East Central Electric Co-op in Oklahoma. Benton averages 500 drops and installs a week, working to connect rural families across our mid west project locations. 

AT&T AND MetroFiberNet, INC.
Midwestern United States

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Benton is currently working with AT&T on a light gig-fiber build and have completed nearly 75 miles of underground fiber construction in in and 18 month time span.

We wrapped up a 2 year long FTTH construction project with MetroFiberNet, Inc. in 2017, having constructed over 200 miles of OSP and drop installations.


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Working with Conexon, in partnership with the East Central Oklahoma Electrical Cooperative, this multi-layer FTTP project consisting of more than 6,000 miles of new build aerial and G-fiber construction, splicing, installation, testing, and activation. Having launched in March 2019, we're happy to report that we finished construction one year earlier than scheduled. Construction contained over 4,600 miles of fiber, activated several service substations, and completed over 12,000 drops to-date. Crews are still present and continue routine maintenance on the completed network.

Southern USA

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Benton is working with Conexon Connect and electric coops in the south such as Southern Rivers Energy, Washington EMC, Middle Georgia EMC, Satilla Rural EMC and the Irwin EMC all located in Georgia. Benton averages 500 drops and installs a week, working to connect rural families across our southern project locations. 

Northern Texas and Oklahoma

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As a decades-long service partner to Cable One, Benton has had the opportunity to work on several fiber builds throughout the MSO's nationwide footprint. In just 18 months, Benton was responsible for the completion of nearly 150 miles of fiber construction throughout Tennessee, Oklahoma, and Texas.

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