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FTTH Drop/Install Contractors

Colorado Springs, CO, USA

Job Type

Full Time - 1099 Contract

About the Role

- Efficiently run fiber optic lines from pole to building via aerial and underground drops, splicing, and complete home install in same day for each location
- Install fiber equipment including ONT's, routers, phone installations, and provisioning in private residence and commercial building applications.
- Communicate with homeowners prior and during drop and in-home installation.
- Troubleshooting as needed to ensure equipment works to industry standards.
- Effectively and accurately record daily production on job site maps with management.
- Acquire necessary materials and inventory from warehouse for each job site.

  • Aerial, underground, splicing, and installation experience required.

  • Excellent time management and multitasking skills.

  • Effectively communicate with management and team members.

  • Ability to work in both indoor and outdoor environments during all times of the year.

  • Ability to climb ladders, enter attics and crawl spaces.

  • Ability to lift and operate necessary materials, tools, and equipment.

About the Company

Benton Technical Services specializes in all aspects of aerial and underground FTTH/FTTP construction. With over 25 years of experience building and maintaining fiber optic and legacy communication systems, we are counted on for our owner-operated team to deliver unparalleled quality and customer service. Our customers have included many of the nation’s largest MSOs and our markets have encompassed everything from urban metro projects to rural communities and in between. Our clients and service partners alike enjoy the benefit of knowing they're working with a reliable and reputable company, dedicated to delivering a hands-on experience, from start to finish.

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